How do you Temper your Familiars?

Senior GM Cicada -

A Familiar can be Tempered to further increase its stats, and the stat boosts it provides as a Seal Stone.


To begin, you will first need to obtain and level your Familiar to its maximum level. This information is displayed within the Familiar Info when the Familiar is selected.



Once at maximum level, click on the “Tempering” button from within the Familiar Info. The Familiar Tempering window will open, and you will need to supplement the Tempering with Sealed Familiars and Familiar Enhancers. Familiar Enhancers can be purchased from Roben the Barder Craft Merchant in Hakain’s Crossing.



If successful, your Familiar will have increased stats, and an indicator of its current enhancement. The maximum a Familiar can be Tempered to is a +5 bonus.

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