Grand Lucky Box

Senior GM Cicada -

The Grand Lucky Box takes the place of the previous monthly lucky boxes. The contents of the Grand Lucky Box will change when we update it as opposed to introducing a new lucky box each month.

The contents of the Grand Lucky Box will change periodically. Any changes made will be announced on the Riders of Icarus website. The news section of the website can be reached here:

We think this is a big improvement from the previous monthly lucky boxes. We created the Grand Lucky Box for three primary reasons:

  • More flexibility for box updates based on events, holidays, and new game content
  • One item avoids confusion in the community
  • It provides our Riders better value when holding multiple Grand Lucky Boxes

In the past, each month’s lucky box was tied to the month itself—January Lucky Box in January, October Lucky Box in October. Now, with the Grand Lucky Box, we can update the box when it is best as opposed to on a strict monthly schedule.

At times, the monthly lucky box would not release until the end of the month. This resulted in Riders buying a January Lucky Box in February, for example. As this could be confusing, the new system for the Grand Lucky Box resolves any potential confusion.

Finally, the Grand Lucky Box is a far better value for all Riders. If you purchase multiple Grand Lucky Boxes and receive your desired item when you open your first box, you have the choice to continue opening boxes or save the remaining boxes and open them once we update the Grand Lucky Box reward list.

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