How do you Refine an item?

Senior GM Cicada -

Refining an item allows you to change some of the Attributes of your Armor or Weapons.

In order to Refine an item, you will need to speak with NPC "Casey" in the Market District of Hakain's Crossing while in possession of a Refining Stone.

Select the "Refining" option when speaking with NPC "Casey" to open the Refine window. Place the Armor or Weapon you wish to refine into the Target slot, and the appropriate Refining Stone into the Material slot.

A "question mark" icon is displayed near the Target that lists all possible Attributes that can be placed onto an item. Place your mouse cursor over the "question mark" to view these Attributes.

You can also elect to "lock" a specific Attribute if you do not wish it to have its bonus change during the Refining process. Enabling a "lock" will incur an Ellun Cost that is displayed below the Material.

Upon clicking "Refine" your item will have its bonus or bonuses changed. After, it will display the previous and current Attributes.

Your item will now display and apply its new bonuses. Any increases bonuses provided by Transcending are automatically scaled to the new Attribute.

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