How do you Transcend an item?

Lead GM Cicada -

Transcending allows you to further increase its bonus Equipped Effects.

To Transcend an item you will need Transcending Stone, and two identical pieces of Armor or Weapons. Heroic Transcending Stones can be purchase from the NPC “Narain”, Armor Merchant in Ellora Sanctuary. Legendary Transcending Stones can drop from legendary dungeon bosses.

Activate the Transcending Stone and select the piece of Armor or Weapon that you wish to Transcend. The Transcend window ill display showing the Transcendence Target and the Transcendence Materials.

The Transcendence Materials are automatically selected. If you have multiple available, please ensure the appropriate one is being used.

Upon clicking "Transcend" you will see the expected results should the Transcendence succeed. Select "Initiate" to attempt to Transcend your item.

If successful, your Armor and Weapons will display their Transcended bonuses in yellow text. Each item can be Transcended successfully a total of five times.

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