What will happen during the Server Merge?

Senior GM Cicada -

When the server merge happens the following data will be reset for your character:

  • Mail information:
    • Items attached to the mailbox will be sent to the Ellora’s Storage (“Restored” tab) and any gold will be given to your character.
    • The mail within the main box will be removed.

The following will remain untouched and will not be affected once the server merge is complete:

  • Character names:
    • Names are unique across regions, so duplicate names in the NA region is not possible.
  • Character slots:
    • Characters from both servers will be merged into the new “Teleos” server. Please note that you can only have a maximum of 6 characters per NA/EU region.
  • Friend list
  • Block list
  • Ellora’s Storage items that were never claimed
  • Inventory Storage
  • Equipped items
  • Bestiary
  • Achievements
  • Familiar Collection
  • Guild Information
  • Alliance Information
  • NX Balance
  • Ellora’s Spire Monthly and Weekly Rankings:
    • Your individual score will remain the same, but your Ranking may change depending on how your score fares against other players on the new server.
  • Market Broker
  • Cross-server and Transit Shrines
  • Familiar Farm Status:
    • Familiars currently on a Familiar Adventure.
    • Familiars in Familiar Herd.
  • Premium Service and other Ellora’s Shop items with a duration status
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