What is Fishing, and how can I Fish?

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Fishing allows the player to obtain Tempering Stones, various potions, crafting materials, taming marks, and other items.

In order to fish, the player will need a Fishing Rod and Bait. One Bait is used for each fishing attempt. You may also use an Auto-Reel in order to skip the fishing mini-game.

To fish, purchase  a fishing rod and bait from a fishing NPC. Travel to your desired location and find a body of water. A prompt will appear for the player to press "F" to start fishing.

When a fish is caught, a mini-game will become active for 5 seconds. The marker will sway left and right, slowing down as time passes. Press "SPACE" when the marker is within the circle for a successful catch.

You can start fishing in the following locations:

  • Hakain’s Highlands – Divinity Shore Fishery (East of Broken Caldera)
  • Sea of Hakanas – Rainbow Reef Fishery (South of Fort Baellas)
  • Cloying Wastes – Philosopher’s Fishery (Northwest of Hermit’s Town)
  • Ellora SanctuaryElgaden Fishery (East of Elgaden)
  • StygaeaEternity Lake (Northwest of Trigg’s Pub)
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