What is a Guild?

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Guilds are a unique rewarding element of Riders of Icarus. To join a guild, you must be invited by the Guild Leader or other member with permissions; there is no "search" or "apply" function in-game. Players must be online to join. Guilds start with 40 member slots, including the Guild Leader. Member slots increase as the guild levels, allowing for more members to join. Leveling a guild requires time and effort from all members.

Guild Emblems

Guild Leaders are given the option to select and purchase an Emblem for the Guild to be displayed over guild members, below names. Each of these guild Emblems has its own price, and they include 1G, 2G, 50G, 100G, 150G, 200G, 250G, 300G, and 500G.


Guild Levels and Experience

Guild Experience is a Cumulative Running Total. Guild experience is gained by leveling characters and by hunting mobs around a character's level.

  • Reaching level 2 requires 86,400 Guild experience points and allows for 5 additional members to join (increasing the member capacity to 45).


  • Guild level 3 requires 362,880 Guild experience points—an additional 276,480 experience points—and increases the member capacity from 45 to 50.


  • Guild level 4 requires 1,209,600 Guild Experience Points, or an additional 846,720 Guild Experience points: almost 10 times the amount that it takes to reach level two.


  • Guild level 5 requires 3,456,000 Guild Experience Points, which is an additional 2,247,000 from level 4. This difference is over double the total experience from the first 4 levels.


  • Guild level 6 requires 10,368,000 Guild Experience Points which is an additional 6,912,000 from level 5. This difference is more than 3x needed just from level 4 to level 5.


Guild Ranks and Permissions

There are 2 default Guild Ranks: Guild Leader and Guild Member.

The Guild Leader has all permissions by default, and the Guild Member has none. These permissions cannot be changed.

The Guild Leader has the ability to create up to 8 new or custom ranks and assign permissions to each rank as desired.

There are 4 permissions that can be assigned to custom ranks: Invite Member, Edit Announcement, Change Rank, and Kick Member.


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