What is Gathering?

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Gathering is a crucial part of Riders of Icarus as you will need to gather many items from both Open World and Instanced locations (like Dungeons) in order to craft exclusive equipment, potions, and marks for taming familiars. Gathering is leveled in "Stages."

Gathering and Crafting are both leveled by Proficiency which is only earned by actually performing the action. In order to gain Proficiency in Gathering, you actually have to gather materials.

Gathering Tutorial

  1. Walk up to all interact-able items that can be gathered along the ground.
  2. Press the 'F' key or Right-Click with your cursor
  3. Press the 'F' Key again to collect raw materials

To see your current stage of Proficiency in Gathering, look at the bottom of the Details window, to the right of your character page (p).

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