What is Crafting?

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Crafting allows players to create many items using resources obtained from gathering or monster drops. Six crafting categories are available:

  • Weapon Crafting
  • Armor Crafting
  • Jewelry Crafting
  • Barder Crafting
  • Alchemy
  • Cooking

The player may craft in any and all of these six categories once they reach Hakain's Crossing, and can provide access to powerful equipment or familiar marks for a variety of highly-coveted familiars. When crafting in a particular category, it is imperative to be at the appropriate crafting table, although the crafting window itself may be accessed anywhere.

Weapon Crafting

Weapon crafting uses minerals gathered from the world to create different all types of weapons. Ingots are the primary resource in weapon recipes. Every kind of weapon is available regardless of the player's class. Weapon Crafting requires a Weapon Anvil.

Armor Crafting

Armor Crafting uses minerals in crafting armor, but instead of ingots, armor crafting uses alloys. Like Weapon Crafting, all types of armor may be crafted by all classes. This includes 7 pieces: helm, shoulders, armor, gloves, shoes, shields (for guardians), and crests (for priests). An Armor Anvil is needed in order to craft armor.

Jewelry Crafting

Jewelry Crafting uses minerals, turning them into powder to create accessories for the player.

Barder Crafting

Barder Crafting creates armor for any tamed familiars, as well as supplies marks the player needs to attempt to tame many powerful familiars. Barder Crafting requires a Bardercraft Table.


Alchemy uses herbs and mushrooms to concoct useful potions to replenish Health and Mana, as well as Stamina potions to help replenish a familiars' stamina. An Alchemy Lab allows the player to craft these potions.


Using ingredients found through hunting and gathering, Cooking creates delectable dishes that can restore Health or Mana over time and even provide stat bonuses for the player. In order to start cooking, the player needs to be near a Cook Station.


How to Craft

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, open the Crafting window. Press "Craft" to begin crafting the item. If the crafting is successful, the ingredients will be removed and the crafted item will be placed in the inventory, and they will receive experience towards their skill level. If the player is lucky, they will achieve a triumphant craft, which grants them twice the amount of crated items with a single craft as well as twice the experience.


Leveling Up Crafting

Leveling up crafting requires mastering a certain number of items. Each item has its own Skill Level starting at 1, and can be leveled up to a maximum of 5 by crafting the item. Each craft gains one experience point (with triumphant crafting granting two), and the mount of experience required to reach the next Skill Level varies depending on the item and the level.

Once the appropriate number of items have been mastered in the current crafting level, the player may then talk to the appropriate crafting instructor in Hakain's Crossing to level up their skill (this will cost some money). Leveling up unlocks stronger items for crafting, but will require rarer materials and more crafts in order to master.

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