Real Money Trading Policy

GM Tionne -

Real Money Trading is an activity prohibited by the Nexon America Code of Conduct and Terms of Service. Real Money Trading is defined as an exchange of virtual goods (including in-game currency and items) and services for real-world currency.  Participation in Real Money Trading (either as a buyer or a seller) can result in penalties ranging from temporary account suspensions to permanent account bans. Additional penalties include the removal of all in-game currency from all of the characters associated with the accounts involved.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to avoid incurring any account penalties:

  • Do not purchase gold from websites being advertised by in-game spammers.
  • Do not purchase items from websites being advertised by in-game spammers. 
  • Do not accept gold or items sent to you through the in-game mail system by unknown players or unconfirmed sources. Report it and delete the mail immediately. 
  • Do not accept any unsolicited trades containing gold from players you do not know. 
  • Do not participate in any gold selling or buying activities that involve real money. 
  • Do not participate in the advertising of any gold buying activities (that involve real money) or the promotion of websites involved in these activities. 

As always, exercise good judgment when engaging in any trade or mail transactions that involve high amounts of in-game currency. If you have received gold or items in your in-game mail from an unknown player, play it safe, report it and delete it immediately. Likewise, if you come across a player who is ad spamming, offering to sell you in-game items for real money or offering to sell you gold for real money, report them as soon as possible. 

To report any suspicious activity, please select Submit a Request located in the upper right-hand corner. Choose "Report Abuse" in the first drop-down window, and fill out all required fields before clicking "Submit." 

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