Service Transfer to VALOFE Global Riders of ICARUS

GM Nikaia -

First and foremost, NEXON would like to thank our Riders of Icarus players for transcending through the storms with us for the past 3 memorable years. We are glad that we had the opportunity to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the game with you.

As NEXON America’s publishing contract for Riders of Icarus comes to an end, VALOFE will undertake the publisher role for the Riders of ICARUS taking over the game service and operation by the end of August 2019.

NEXON America and VALOFE Global will work together to implement a User transfer process to ensure a smooth transition of service for our Riders! More details will be shared when the relevant functions are ready, so stay tuned!

Please look forward to a new team working behind the scenes on the Riders of ICARUS as the service re-opens with more thrilling and exciting contents. VALOFE will make sure that it will be one of the best contents implemented in the game!

Please refer to the links below for additional information on how to migrate your account to VALOFE:

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